Freedom Blends was founded by former Salt Lake City Police Officer Eric Moutsos and is based out of Utah. Combining his passion for health and fitness, along with his love of Country, Eric created a company that stands for freedom and liberty. 

"I created Freedom Blends as an answer to cancel culture and a frustration in corporate wokeness that is dominating almost every product out there. This is an American based company that unapologetically stands for the patriotic beliefs our country was founded on." - Eric Moutsos


Eric found his competitive nature and passion for fitness and athletics in High School. He played just about every sport but really thrived in wrestling, hockey, and tennis. Later on in life, he upped his fitness game and competed in 2019, winning several 1st place trophies in men's physique contests.  
When 2020 hit and the world was faced with unprecedented challenges and political agendas, Eric formed the Utah Business Revival that has been putting on revivals and rallies all over the state of Utah, to help “Non-Essential” businesses recover from the unconstitutional mandates unfairly leveraged against them.  
Advocating for constitutional liberty, Eric rallied Utahns together, finding hope amidst their mutual frustration. Event after event, the Utah Business Revival was fighting for the people of Utah and our small businesses. In May, amid much controversy and political double-standards, the UBR threw the very first concert in America since the Covid-19 Pandemic with none other than Collin Raye. 
Since then, Eric has been traveling and speaking helping other cities across the country with their own business revival groups. His latest project, the documentary “Non-Essential” details the hypocrisy found within government and political agendas and exposes how easily tyranny can penetrate society if we don’t get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations and speaking out against injustice. 

 “I love to watch people light up feeling the spirit of liberty. God wants us to be free and He established America for just that; to be a light to the world. If we don’t continue to gather and promote these universal principles, we will lose it all over again. My goal is to not let that happen.” - Eric Moutsos